A Lo​-​Hi demos

by Andy Tanner

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Garage Band Recordings 2014 (with exception of Alaskan Summer)


released August 21, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Larryin Around
Winters long winded love affair / stranded in a stubborn old chair / broken legs can't feel my toes / quick fixes leave a post punk throat / well there's nothing left / can barely take a breath / it hurts deep in my chest / what is left /
(chorus) well you won't mind / when there's a classy glass of red sunshine / a warm and setting bottle of wine / overloaded, getting loaded on the levy / time moves slower when it's heavy /
the pressure can break / from the time that you make / with some Larry's just a rollin around /
(chorus) the radio don't mind / it just keeps spinning nothing new to find / the country 88.9 / it just keeps rolling over every / station your mind don't carry / cause out here on the prairie / reception grows a little hairy /
depression can fade / nothing here is fake / muddy waters, grass and no one around / and the pressure can break / off an overfilled lake / with some Larry's just a rollin around /
In the morning this will be / hour glassed sand to a driving sea / a memory
Track Name: Links On Chains
I've been running down the devils chin / thought he had me but he didn't win / one out of seven to the reverend but the reverend knows / the other six just a fix for heavens bloody nose / I am running / living day to day / nothing's changed except the ghost /
(chorus) were links on chains / the devils dna / tired and tamed / I feel so lame / don't you feel the same /
the slower something kills the less I feel to that affect / cigarettes and pills have virtually left no side effects / I've been chained I've been reined around this dirty south / then up to Maine back down to Texas, poor land, Rocky Mount / I'm a dummy on a train / living day to day / nothing's changed except the ghost
Track Name: Tow Truck
I'm tow truck you're wrecked luck / hit and run by a one ton man / you're crying traffic's eyeing / but let them look and we'll clean up for good / I'm tow truck you're wrecked luck / hit and run by a one ton man / yu could change seasons with your reasons / but you might feel better addressed in a sweater /
sittin on the shoulder giving me advice / blinking hazards yellow beat up eyes / mind the devil on the other side / saying we all lie / and i would lie to you if i could /
spinnin out the rubber it ain't comin like my words were stuck / warm your feet in a calloused pick up truck / mind the floor boards seeds and fountain cups / where I've let truth lie / I would just kick those habits aside / there only there to get you through the night / like out livin living through headlights / a glass houses disguise /
put em under arrest in an impound mess / a lot full of restful, garbage junk yard cesspool /
you're breaking up / what did you say you were breaking up / you were brave enough
Track Name: Alaskan Summer
Somehow God has found a way to separate the day without the night / as it is the Sun it always shines how can you hide with so much light it wrinkles me like its white sheets / maybe I could change my attitude move to a different latitude and finally close my eyes from these Northern Lights / if it wasn't so far away from me I'd go to the nearest library for books on building caves / but as it is the Sun it always shines I've got more D and UV's light than I'll ever need / so let the Sun hide in his tree ' he can rise occasionally but unveil our Lady Moon
Track Name: Mumble
this songs had five different subject matters, since i wrote about nothing five yeas ago / about you, and ex, a cat, an addiction, a childhood memory / this is about as far as I get before it stops making sense / so I mumble

if I think hard and start hearing your sounds / I have to hum, mumble and look at the ground.

it's the jar of olives with the sticky bottom on the side of my fridge door, been sittin for months and making me sick / either need to throw them out or finish em off no matter the expiration date / thats about as far as I get before i close up the fridge, I let em sit

and I'll find you, and I'll buy you, wrap and close you, untie you once, then hide you until I have to give you away / then they'll take you, and open you, and thank me when they use you, slowly forget us and wanna throw you and me away / then the time will come, they'll want newer ones while the city sweeps up our dirty streets, pieces of you and me get thrown away